Sustainability at Bard

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Bard engages in sustainability efforts on multiple fronts.
The College believes that the next generation of leaders will require unprecedented environmental expertise. To that end, we offer undergraduate, graduate, and dual-degree programs in environmental science and policy. Bard students, faculty, and staff work locally and nationally toward a greener future, from farming on campus to working on dialogues with U.S. politicians. Initiatives coordinated by the Bard Office of Sustainability—including recycling and conservation, green building, and energy efficiency—are taking the Annandale campus closer to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.

The Bard College Farm

This student-operated organic farm on the Bard campus sells produce to the College's dining service provider, works to educate students about food systems, and connects Bard to the regional agricultural community. Worked by students, the farm, with its visibility and its accessibility, demonstrates the realities of small-scale farming and creates a community of food and farm culture.

Undergraduate Programs in Sustainability

Institutional, Local, and National Initiatives