Financial Aid

Students in The Orchestra Now receive a fellowship covering tuition, a bi-weekly taxable living stipend (see below), and health benefits. Students are required to submit an enrollment deposit of $515 and a security deposit of $225 upon acceptance into the program. The deposit is returned upon completion of the degree. Students also must pay a registration fee and health service fee totaling around $470 each semester.** Students who are approved for a leave of absence are required to pay a fee of $515 to reserve their space in the program.

*Amounts subject to change by Bard College.


Stipends are taxable. A United States Social Security number is required for stipend payments.TŌN students will receive biweekly checks or direct deposits, and a W-2 at the end of the year. Stipends cease upon graduation. If a student has received the full stipend in the third year and has still not graduated, they will not receive additional stipend.

Stipend amounts are divided annually into 3 academic periods, a fall semester, a spring semester, and a summer session. Based on how weeks may fall within a year, payment amounts and schedules may be adjusted slightly, but generally, the student receives $10,500 in the fall semester (10 pay periods September to January), $10,500 in the spring semester (9-10 pay periods January to May or June), and $3,000 in the summer session (6 pay periods June-August). Once again, stipends cease upon graduation.