Undergraduate Curriculum

The undergraduate curriculum creates

a flexible system of courses that gives coherence, breadth, and depth to the four years of study and helps students become knowledgeable across academic boundaries and able to think critically within a discipline or mode of thought.
Photo by Scott Barrow

Structure of the Curriculum

The pillars of the Bard education are the structure of the first year, including First-Year Seminar; the program- and concentration-based approach to study; Moderation; the concept of distribution by modes of thought; and the Senior Project. 
Photo by Scott Barrow

Structure of the First Year

All first-year students participate in a common curriculum—the Language and Thinking Program, First-Year Seminar, Citizen Science—and take elective courses. All first-year students are assigned an academic adviser, with whom they meet at strategic points during each semester. Electives allow students to explore fields in which they know they are interested and to experiment with unfamiliar areas of study.