Contact Us

Bard College
PO Box 5000
(30 Campus Road)
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000

Phone: 845-758-6822
Phone: 800-BARDCOL

Current Weather

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Weather at Bard

There is a wide variety of weather at Bard throughout the year, from hot and sunny afternoons to cold and snowy winter days. Fall foliage is particularly beautiful in the Hudson Valley. Winter snow brings the opportunity to snowboard or ski at several nearby mountains. When the spring arrives, bringing all kinds of natural beauty, professors often hold classes outside on the lawns. And, later in the spring semester and in the early fall, students are able to wear shorts and T-shirts as we get our share of warm weather. Click the link below to see what the weather is like at Bard today.

Seasons at Bard

Students at Bard experience four distinct and beautiful seasons. On average, we see the following seasonal temperatures:

Fall (September – November)
Average highs: 17° C (62° F)
Average lows: 7° C (45° F)
Winter (December – February)
Average highs: 3° C (36° F)
Average lows: -7° C (19° F)
Spring (March – May)
Average highs: 16° C (61° F)
Average lows: 3° C (38° F)
Summer (June – August)
Average highs: 28° C (82° F)
Average lows: 16° C (60° F)