Additional Opportunities to Study

Nonmatriculated Students and Auditors

A nonmatriculated student is enrolled in a course or courses for credit, but is not a degree candidate. There are three categories of nonmatriculated student:
  1. Current high school students. Students currently enrolled in a local high school may take up to two Bard courses per semester, in addition to their high school  work. Their participation is subject to the availability of space and requires written permission from their high school, their parent or guardian, and the instructor. Students pay a registration fee of $175 and a tuition fee of $220 per course. Auditors are charged $84 per course plus a $175 registration fee. The refund schedule is as follows. Prior to the first week of classes, 100 percent of tuition and fees is refundable. Beginning the first day of classes, the registration fee is not refundable; tuition only is refundable, as follows: if withdrawal occurs during the first week of classes, 80 percent is refunded; during the second week, 60 percent is refunded; within four weeks, 30 percent is refunded. After four weeks, there is no refund for tuition.

    Application for enrollment is through the Admission Office, which maintains a record of grades and credits earned and provides transcripts as required.

  2. Students who graduated from high school the previous semester and currently reside in the Hudson Valley region may take up to two courses for credit per semester. Application for enrollment is through the Admission Office; there is no application fee. Students must meet Bard admission requirements and comply with admission procedures: transcripts, essays, interview, and an application form. The semester charges applicable to regular undergraduate students are effective, and include:
  3. Tuition $1,381 per credit
    Enrollment Deposit 500
    (for students living on campus)
    (for students living on campus)
    Campus Facilities Fee
    (for students living off campus)
    Health Service Fee 226
    Student Activity Fee 85
    Security Deposit 225
    ID Card Fee 5

    (Additional fees for special programs may apply.

  4. Other nonmatriculated students. Other students over the age of 24 who wish to take courses for credit may register for up to four courses per semester. Application for enrollment is through the Returning to College Program.