Bard Faculty

Chiara Teresa Ricciardone

NEH/Hannah Arendt Center Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Primary Academic Program: Human Rights


BA, Swarthmore College; MA, SUNY Binghamton; MA, PhD, University of California, Berkeley. Chiara Ricciardone is a writer, scholar, and activist whose research interests range from ancient Greek philosophy, rhetoric, and medicine to critical theory. She is particularly interested in the political and formal problem that difference poses for human beings, and how it might be possible to think of difference without hierarchy. She is at work on a book of autofiction that suggests the self itself is a fiction, and perhaps no longer a useful one. Publications also include “‘We are the Disease’: Truth, Health, and Politics from Plato’s Gorgias to Foucault,” in Epoché; and “Do Trees Have Standing?” (with Micah White) and “Fourth Wave Feminism,” in Adbusters. Ricciardone currently serves as provost for the Activist Graduate School, an online venture cofounded by her partner Micah White (also an NEH/Arendt Center Distinguished Visiting Fellow), which is set to enroll its first cohort in January 2019. At Bard: 2018–19.