Interdivisional Concentrations

Multidisciplinary Studies

Multidisciplinary Studies allows students to select an area of study or develop an individual approach to an area and then design a program that integrates material from different programs and divisions in order to pursue that study. To concentrate in Multidisciplinary Studies, a student must submit a proposal to the Executive Committee requesting approval for such a concentration. The ideal time for the proposal is in the second semester of the sophomore year, as a substitute for Moderation into an existing program during that semester. Students interested in Multidisciplinary Studies should consult with the dean of studies for information on the application process and for guidance in formulating the proposal. For a proposal to be approved, the following must hold: the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher; the proposed list of courses must include in-depth study in two or more disciplines; and the proposed adviser and Moderation board members must have the expertise to supervise the proposed plan of study.

Program Director: David Shein