Accepted Student Forms and Downloads

Congratulations! You've paid your enrollment deposit.
What Matriculation Forms Need to be Submitted? 
On this webpage, there will be documents to read, there will be forms to be submitted, if applicable, and there will be mandatory matriculation forms which must be submitted. The mandatory matriculation forms, which all students must submit, are the following: 
  • Housing Profile 
  • Medical Forms Packet 
  • Student Health Insurance Plan/Opt-Out Waiver 
The forms for incoming Fall 2019 students will be available at a later date. The forms below are for incoming Spring 2019 Transfer students. 

Bard Profile Forms

Due December 20, 2018
For 2019 spring transfer and exchange students
The Housing Profile must be filled out and submitted. The other forms are to be filled out if applicable.
NOTE:  All first-year students must live on campus and are guaranteed housing. Transfer students are also guaranteed housing, but are not required to live on campus. Transfer students: if you decide to live off-campus, please email to let us know. 

Medical Forms Packet

Due December 20, 2018
For 2019 spring transfer and exchange students
Please read the last three documents. Complete and return the required medical forms packet.

Health Insurance Forms 

Due December 20, 2018 
For 2019 spring transfer and exchange students
The health insurance plan and opt-out forms are due December 20, 2018. The Bard Insurance Opt-Out Waiver contains information about enrolling in the Bard Plan or Waiving the Plan. This must be read and requires a response. 


Attention Non-U.S. Citizens

Additional Information on health insurance:
All international (non-U.S. citizen) undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan unless they obtain a waiver by presenting evidence of insurance coverage from one of three different commercial providers. The three different commercial providers are listed in the Health Insurance Comparison Chart below. This document compares the costs of these alternative plans verses the cost of the Bard plan.
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