About the Arboretum

The entire 930-acre Bard College campus was dedicated to the Landscape and Arboretum Program on Arbor Day, April 27, 2007.
Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To preserve and enhance the natural and landscaped resources of the Bard College campus and to promote knowledge and appreciation of ornamental horticulture and conservation.
  • To provide a campus environment rich in horticultural diversity and beauty that can be readily enjoyed by the College and surrounding community. 
  • Our future vision is to have Bard Arboretum become a destination for individuals to understand and appreciate a nationally-significant historical landscape in the Hudson Valley.
  • The Arboretum is currently a branch of the Horticulture Department and acts to reinforce the importance of preserving and enhancing the Bard campus landscape.

What We Do

  • Horticultural Labels/Signage: There is an ongoing effort to install identification and interpretive labels and signs for significant specimen trees and ornamental plantings and gardens. Such signage is critical in promoting a campus-wide ecological literacy and appreciation for horticultural assets.
  • Plant Inventory Database: The Arboretum has begun to systematically catalog Bard's horticultural assets with a plant management software called BG BASE Collections and Management System. This software allows the cataloging and routine monitoring of Bard's horticultural resources. It also serves as a historical record of the Arboretum.
  • Publications: The Arboretum currently maintains a quarterly newsletter and brochure of the grounds. A newly printed booklet on the Historic Trees of Bard College is also available upon request. Please refer to the Publications link on the home page for additional information.
  • Preservation Master Plan: The historic landscape at Bard is actively being preserved, maintained and restored in accordance with Bard's Preservation Master Plan (2008). This plan includes an inventory, assessment and recommendations for Bard's historic landscapes and architecture.
  • Landscape Maintenance and Tree Care: An essential ongoing activity of the Horticulture staff is the upkeep of the grounds. This includes the preservation of ornamental, specimen, and historic trees and gardens, such as Blithewood Gardens and other historic landscape features.

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