Building and Grounds FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. I need the services of Buildings and Grounds to fix or renovate something in my office or room. What do I do?
  • Q. I would like to order new furniture, get some bookshelves installed, or generally renovate a department and I have no idea who to call or how much it will cost. What do I do?
  • Q. When do I need to submit my request, be it for furniture or renovations?.
  • Q. How do I find out if the project has been approved?
  • Q. Who will be receiving this information and/or making decisions about it?
  • Q. I'm a Faculty/Staff member and I need a key to access my room/building. What do I do?
  • Q. I am a student and I need a key to access my room, what do I do?