In 1860, with the granting of its charter, St. Stephen’s College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York was born. Founded by John and Margaret Bard, this school for the education of young men intending to enter the Episcopalian ministry has grown and evolved in ways that the Bards could never have imagined. This exhibition was researched and mounted in celebration of the 150 years of St. Stephen’s, renamed Bard College in 1934 in honor of John and Margaret Bard. It is intended to illustrate in photographs the transformation of the campus and student body from its earliest days to the present. The images selected come from the Bard College Archives and are chosen for both their visual appeal and relevance to the history of the College. Corrections and additions to the captions, especially the identities of unknown figures, are welcome. *Please note that this site is designed for use with high resolution screens.

Tricia Fleming
Assistant Director
Alumni/ae Affairs
Helene Tieger ’85
College Archivist
Jeremy Hall '98

We wish to thank the following people, without whom this exhibition would not have been possible. For their vision and support, we thank Debra Pemstein, Vice President for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs; Jane Brien ’89, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs, Jeff Katz, Director of Libraries; and Mark Halsey, Associate Dean of the College. For their many hours spent scanning, we thank the latest of a long line of student workers, Kenji Garland ’10 and Hannah Marie Field ’11. For her discerning eye, and thoughtful work on both the image panels and this guide, we thank designer Christina Clugston ’98. Many thanks to Anne Canzonetti ’84 for her expert editing. For her careful printing of the image panels, we are indebted to Laura Steele ’03. Thanks also to Professor Stephen Shore for the use of the photo printing facilities, and to Megan Karcher and Karen Becker for their kind assistance in hanging the exhibition. Special thanks to the following photographers for providing the Archives with high resolution images, and for allowing us to display their work in this exhibit: Bob Bassler ’57; Fred Greenspan ’75; John Duke Kisch ’76; and Peter Aaron ’68.

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