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Albee Hall

Albee Hall --
Photo: Albee Hall

Albee Hall was a gift of Edward E. F. Albee in 1925. Albee, along with Hegeman Science Hall, is home to the Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing. Once a dormitory, Albee now contains faculty offices, classrooms, and laboratories.

Divisional laboratories provide a wide range of equipment used for advanced science classes, as well as faculty and student research. The Physics Program has a broad array of research electronics, optics equipment, and nuclear detection devices. The Chemistry Program's equipment includes UV/Vis and FT-IR spectrometers, a 300-MHz multinuclear FT-NMR, and a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer. The Biology Program's equipment includes a high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, an environmentally controlled room, and electrophoresis equipment. Students of ecology and environmental studies also use the facilities of the Bard College Field Station. Divisional computing facilities include microcomputers for data acquisition and analysis and a network of RISC stations for advanced computing.

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