New & Noteworthy

Books and Periodicals

Queer Zines Volume 2

Revised and expanded edition.
Edited by AA Bronson and Philip Aarons.
New York, NY : Printed Matter, 2014.






Allen Ruppersberg Sourcebook: Reanimating the 20th Century

New York, NY : Independent Curators International, 2014.






AR–Artistic Research

Edited by Ute Meta Bauer & Thomas D. Trummer.
London : Koenig Books, c2013.






Herstory Inventory: 100 Feminist Drawings by 100 Artists

Edited by Barbara Schröder, Karen Kelly, and Ulrike Müller.
Brooklyn, NY : Dancing Foxes Press, 2014.






Lee Lozano: Dropout Piece

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer.
London: Afterall Books, 2014.






Virginia Pérez-Ratton: Travesía por un estrecho dudoso = Transit Through a Doubtful Strait

Edited by Víctor Hugo Acuña Ortega, Alexandra Ortiz Wallner, Dominique Ratton Pérez.
San José: TEOR/éTica, 2012.






ARTocracy : Art, Informal Space and Social
Consequence : A Curatorial Handbook in Collaborative

Nuno Sacramento and Claudia Zeiske.
Berlin : Jovis, c2010.






The Book About Xu Bing’s Book from the Ground

North Adams, MA : Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013.






Book from the Ground: From Point to Point

Xu Bing.
North Adams, MA : Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013.





Uncommon Goods: Global Dimensions of the Readymade

Jaimey Hamilton Faris.
Bristol, UK; Chicago: Intellect; The University of Chicago Press, 2013






Special Collections

No. 7 (1982)


Middlesex Polytechnic, 1979-1989.
No. 1-15 (1979-1989)







No. 2 (1982)


New York, N.Y.: Wedge, 1982-1988.
No. 1-7/8 (1982-1985)






No. 3/4/5 (1983)








No. 6 (1984)









No. 1 (1977)

 Trylon & Perisphere

New York, N.Y.: Transatlantic Steamship Company, 1977-1978.
No. 1-3 (1977-1978)







No. 2 (1978)











No. 3 (1978)










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