$5,000 Scholarship for Students going into Environmental Careers

We’ve heard of  a great opportunity for C2C Fellows.

If you’re like us (interested in sustainability, environmental justice and saving the world) then you should look into the Udall Scholarship:

The Udall Foundation seeks future leaders from the entire spectrum of environmental fields, including policy, engineering, science, education, urban planning and renewal, business, health, justice, and economics. The Foundation also seeks American Indian and Alaska Native students pursuing careers related to tribal public policy or Native American health care.



    • Lifelong membership in an active and growing network of alumni.
    • Meeting other student leaders at the Udall Scholar Orientation
    • Up to $5,000 for educational expenses


Not only is the scholarship invaluable to furthering my education, the orientation was a life changing experience to meet and learn from the next tribal and environmental leaders. – Emily Kinsel, 2011 Scholar


To be eligible for the Udall Scholarship, you must be nominated by your institution’s faculty representative – we recommend getting in touch with yours as soon as possible.  To watch the video, find your faculty rep, view our eligibility guidelines, and find application materials, go to the scholarship section of our website: www.udall.gov.


Application Deadline:  March 5, 2014 (your campus may have an earlier deadline).

source: events.drexel.edu

source: events.drexel.edu







For more information, contact Paula Randler at [email protected] or at 520.901.8564.

About C2CFellows

C2C Fellows are young sustainability leaders from across the country committed to pursuing meaningful careers in sustainable business and politics. Leaders join the national network through participation in a weekend long leadership workshop, and remain engaged with the network moving forward into their careers after college. For more information, visit www.bard.edu/cep/c2c.