Dial in and Dialog: Become a Part of The Power Dialog!

Dial in and Dialog: Become a Part of The Power Dialog!

Become a part of the formal launch of the Power Dialog!

Dial-in at noon eastern Wednesday 10/7:
845-746-2287 (No conference code needed).

Dallas Burtraw, Senior Researcher at Resources of the Future, and Eban Goodstein, Director of the Bard MBA in Sustainability and CEP programs, will be hosting a phone conversation to kick off the Power Dialog. You have the opportunity to join in the discussion and become active in a high impact nationwide event. Gain information about the Power Dialog, offer support, and contribute ideas for widening the Power Dialog’s impact.

The Power Dialog will support 10,000 students, next April, two months before states are required to submit their plans to reduce carbon emissions, to engage in face-to-face dialog with state-level regulators in all fifty states. Teams of faculty and student leaders will bring their classes on coordinated field trips to their state capitols. At the same moment across the nation students, regulators and politicians will participate in discussions surrounding the Clean Power Plan and its aim to cut carbon emissions 32% by 2030.

Help build the Power Dialog and give college students across America a platform to directly discuss, with each other and political leaders, the pivotal Clean Power Plan at a critical moment. A window of opportunity has opened for student’s voices to be heard, and the Power Dialog is stepping up to take this chance for change.  Through the thousands of discussions that will be sparked next April, the Power Dialog will have a very real chance to elevate the conversation and generate proactive thinking about the complex but imperative Clean Power Plan.

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