Bard MBA in Sustainability presents

Sustainable Business Fridays: Corporate Sustainability Reporting, Assurance and Compliance 

Kristen Sullivan

Deloitte US

Friday, March 6, 2015

Join the Bard MBA in Sustainability program for our twice-monthly dial-in conversation series over your lunchtime featuring sustainability leaders from the New York City area and across the planet.

On March 6th we will be discussing corporate sustainability reporting, assurrance and compliance with Kristen Sullivan from Deloitte US.

Recently in an interview in the Wall Street Journal about challenges facing CFO's, conflict minerals and the SEC's Conflict Minerals rule, Sullivan had this to say in response the the question,

WSJ: "What are you telling CFOs where to begin and what are some of the implementation issues they face?"

KS: "In addition to finance, the group should include representatives from legal, procurement, supply chain, sustainability, public policy and investor relations to support the effort from a governance structure. From CFOs’ perspective, such broad representation may provide them confidence that they’ve taken the appropriate measures and are in a position to conclude and report in the filings."

Sustainable Business Fridays convenes every first and fourth Friday of the month during the semester, with special guests selected by students in the Bard MBA in Sustainability program.

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