La Voz, Human Rights Project, Bard Center for Environmental Policy, and Photography Program present

Continental Divide: Borderlands Wildlife, People, and the Wall

A photo exhibit exploring the fragile US-México border area

Sunday, March 10, 2019 – Wednesday, April 10, 2019

“The topic of the border wall between the United States and Mexico continues to be broadly and hotly debated: on national news media, by local and state governments, and even in coffee shops and over the dinner table. By now, broad segments of the population have heard widely varying opinions about the wall’s effect on illegal immigration, international politics, and the drug war. But what about the wall’s effect on the Sonoran pronghorn antelope herds and the kit fox? On the Mexican gray wolf, the ocelot, the jaguar, and the bighorn sheep? In unforgettable images and evocative text, Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall shows us what’s at stake.” — Krista Schlyer

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Location: Campus Center, Gallery