Our students come from diverse academic disciplines and bring to Bard their passion for environmental leadership. All students share a common purpose: to work toward finding viable and sustainable solutions to tomorrow's environmental challenges.

Alumni/ae Profiles

Rachel Savain ‘12

Rachel Savain ‘12

Policy Adviser, VNG International in Haiti

Rachel Savain ‘12 is a policy advisor for VNG International in Haiti, a Dutch NGO focused on municipal infrastructure and capacity building. Her focus area within VNG is waste management policy. Rachel interned for this organization during her master's program at Bard CEP and did her Master's Project on integrating informal recyclers into solid-waste management in Haiti through public-private partnerships.

“My internship experience through Bard CEP was a unique life and career experience. I was a project assistant for WASTE, a Dutch NGO (nongovernmental organization), working on implementing an integrated solid-waste management system in Haiti. Being engaged in fieldwork for six months helped me to truly understand the realities while allowing me to perform to my highest capabilities. The opportunity launched my international development career and helped me grow as a young professional. I am currently working at VNG International as a policy advisor.”