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Distinguished full-time and affiliated faculty are researchers in diverse fields relating to environmental policy. Our faculty are passionate teachers who are committed to the program’s vision of leadership and environmental education.
Anton Seimon

Anton Seimon

Faculty, Bard Center for Environmental Policy
Ph.D., Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder; B.A., Geography, State University of New York at Albany. Seimon has extensive experience in meteorological and climatological research. With National Geographic funding, he led the El Reno Survey, a crowd-sourced initiative to research Earth’s largest-documented tornado. In earlier National Geographic-supported research, working with Tim Samaras and other notable storm chasers, he coordinated the “Inside Tornadoes” initiative in the Midwest.
A 24-seasons veteran of chasing storms in Tornado Alley, Anton ventures to the U.S. Great Plains each spring with his wife Tracie and their two chase hounds. When not roaming the plains seeking out elusive masses of rotating water vapor, he coordinates long-term monitoring of climate change impacts in high alpine watersheds in the Peruvian Andes, studies present and past tropical Andean climate, and works with conservationists to plan for climate change in tropical Africa using high-resolution Earth System models.