Guest Lecturers

The interdisciplinary course structure allows faculty to invite guest lecturers to supplement the curriculum and provide context to their classes. Guest lecturers bring outside perspective and expertise as distinguished environmental practitioners and researchers.
Scott Kellogg

Scott Kellogg

Educational Director, The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center 
Scott Kellogg is the co-author of the book "Toolbox for Sustainable City Living: A Do-it-Ourselves Guide" (South End Press) and the primary teacher of R.U.S.T. - The Regenerative Urban Sustainability Training, an intensive weekend workshop in urban ecological living skills that has been attended by over 650 people since it was first taught in 2006

Currently, Scott is developing a new organization in Albany, New York named the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center. It is a demonstration of environmental technologies and sustainable micro industries applicable in today’s urban environment. Radix contains a solar heated bioshelter greenhouse that contains an integrated food production system involving fish, plants, rabbits, worms, chickens, ducks, silkworms, and black soldier flies.

Scott was also a co-founder of Austin, Texas' Rhizome Collective, an urban sustainability education project, and worked as the director of its sustainability program from 2000-2009.

Scott has a Masters in Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins University, is an adjunct professor in Environmental Science, and is an appointed member of the mayor’s Community Advisory Committee on Sustainability in Albany. He has taught at numerous universities in the US, and has given numerous workshops and multi-part sustainability courses both nationally and internationally.

Scott is now writing a new book about urban ecosystems and human interactions, tentatively titled “Your City is an Ecosystem: A DIY Field Guide” with The Experiment, an NYC based publisher.