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Sep 30 / BARD CEP

Turning Local Organic Wastes into Vehicle Fuel — Oct. 4th — Pace Law School

An Environmental and Economic Opportunity for New York State Communities

REGISTER NOW! Learn about the great potential New York State has to be a national leader in converting its organics into vehicle fuel! 

This Workshop, co-sponsored with the Pace Energy and Climate Center, will be the first major venue in New York State bringing the pioneers in the Organics industry together with New York communities, government officials, waste companies, policymakers and energy investors.

New York State has vast organic waste feedstocks:

Organics in 27 large landfills
600 wastewater treatment plants
The fourth largest dairy industry in the country
and a $3 billion food processing industry

And every day our households, factories, farms and dairies throw away tons more. At present all this waste is not only squandering a valuable energy resource but is also draining public budgets. Just in New York City, taxpayers spend more than $325 million each year to export organic wastes to distant landfills.

The fuel that can be made from organic wastes is called “biomethane” or Renewable Natural Gas: “RNG”. It is really the first fuel we have that can be widely used in transportation and that is renewable, clean and has close to a zero carbon footprint.

It can be used wherever fossil natural gas is used: most importantly in bus and truck fleets. But RNG is much better than fossil natural gas because it requires no drilling!  So for those who are concerned about the natural gas drilling technique called “hydrofracking” making natural gas from waste instead is a great option, and the jobs created in the State to produce RNG will be permanent green energy jobs. Growing an organic wastes-to-fuel industry can improve prospects greatly for New York’s environmental and economic future.

Thursday, October 4, 2012
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Pace Law School, Tudor Room, White Plains, NY

Workshop Agenda

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