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Oct 24 / BARD CEP

Eco Practicum – summer program for environmental leaders

Eco Practicum is an environmental sustainability and action program for college students and recent graduates. Learn while impacting society and shaping the global future.

  • Field Work with the Region’s Most Effective Organizations
  • Practice Different Farming Models (Organic, Permaculture, Urban)
  • Meet Experts, Farmers, Activists and Policy-makers
  • Understand the Economics of Environmental In/Justice
  • Flexible Options: Sign Up for 1 Up To All 4 Weeks
Environmental issues are so complex and interrelated today that its hard to know where to start building solutions. That’s why Eco Practicum offers the choice of attending one or all of the four weeks of the program, broken down into week-long in-depth seminars on the most pertinent environmental issues. In the first week, meet the people who are bringing local organic produce into the global food system and changing the way we eat. In the second week, learn to care for livestock, meet with hunters, and tour an industrial slaughterhouse. During the third week, visit current fracking sites in Pennsylvania, and the next week tour the pristine Catskils reservoirs that make up the largest unfiltered water system in the word. In each of the four units, you get real experience, meet important people, and do real things that matter.

You’ll live at Camp Shomria, an educational campus located in the heart of the Catskills, at the crossroads of the food- and watersheds of the most dense urban center in the US. The facility has an on-site well, working farm, and derives 98% of its electricity from solar power.

Each day you’ll work on the farm learning new techniques, practicing small-scale animal husbandry, taking field trips to meet experts, and playing an active role in shaping the summer community. It’s fun and it’s necessary, now more than ever.  Program Details

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