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Cape Cod National Seashore – Joshua A. Nickerson Conservation Fellowship, April 15, 2013

Organization: Cape Cod National Seashore

Application Deadline: April 15, 2013

Amount and Duration: $3,000


Cape Cod National Seashore contains a diverse variety of habitats and is characterized by open ocean, beaches, estuaries, and tidal flats. In addition to the marine environment, the Seashore is home to a unique kettle pond system, sensitive vernal pools, and coastal heathlnds – a globally uncommon habitat supporting species that are correspondingly rare. More than 17 federally-listed threatened or endangered species are found throughout the Seashore and its marine waters. The physical processes that initially formed Cape Cod continue to reshape the area via wind, waves, tides, and longshore currents.  Humans have been a part of this dynamic landscape for at least 10,000 years. These ecosystems  processes have created and continue to influence the sensitive natural and cultural heritage that the Nickerson Conservation Fund is dedicated to study.

Funding Opportunity Description:

The Nickerson Conservation Fellowship Committee is currently soliciting proposals for the Nickerson Conservation Fellowship award. Proposals should briefly outline the objectives of the study, and include methods and budget.  Emphasis should be placed on how the study will increase conservation efforts or contribute to the protection of the Seashore’s natural and cultural resources.

Eligibility: Anyone can apply, regardless of student of professional status. Awardees will be asked to present their findings as part of the Seashore Science Symposium.

Evaluation Criteria: Applications will be judged on the basis of: technical merit, management applicability, feasibility or project, cost effectiveness, applicant’s accomplishments, and potential for boosting professional development. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate or consult with CCNS natural resource management on staff in developing project proposals.

Terms: Completed application packets are due by April 15, 2013. A stipend of approximately $3,000 will be provided. The final $500 of the stipend will be awarded upon receipt of the fellow’s final report and is due within one year of the initial award.  Indirect costs (overhead) will not be supported by the fellowship. Laboratory space and field equipment may be available.  Awardees will be notified in mid-April.

How to Apply: To receive the forms needed to apply, contact Megan Tyrrell, Research and Monitoring Coordinator, [email protected].
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