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Mar 11 / BARD CEP

Futurewise – AdvocacyCorps – March 31

Organization: Futurewise

Application Deadline: March 31, 2013.

Duration: Ten-week summer bootcamp


AdvocacyCorps is an intensive ten-week summer bootcamp for aspiring community & environment advocates. It is organized by Futurewise and is based in Seattle. Futurewise works across Washington State to create livable communities, ensure healthy shorelines, and protect farms, forests, and habitat for this and future generations.

AdvocacyCorps is exclusive to outstanding young leaders currently in college or recently graduated who can dedicated their summer to leadership development and political organizing to make a difference for Washington State’s communities and environment.

The 2013 program will run from ten weeks from mid-June to late August. We are seeking funding to provide monetary stipends, however this funding is not secured.

Funding Opportunity Description:

Make a Difference – Above all else, you will make a difference as an AdvocacyCorps Leader (what we call the program participants). AdvocacyCorps Leaders will organize around the biggest community and environmental policy and political issues of the moment, such as creating housing and job opportunities near future light rail stations, safeguarding the state’s land use policy for wisely planning communities, restoring bus service, saving working farms and promoting local food, protecting our shorelines, and solving global warming. With our work, we bring a strong sense of social equity, knowing that creating prosperity for all builds stronger, healthier communities.

Trainings – Classes and trainings will be led by Futurewise staff — as well as state advocates, organizers and politicos — and will focus on campaign strategy, advocacy tactics, community organizing, volunteer requitment, and leadership development.

The summer will begin with a three-day weekend training retreat to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to organize. After four weeks, we’ll hold another three-day weekend training retreat to take your skillset to the next level.

In addition to the two weekend retreats, you’ll also receive at least one skill training each week.

Experience – Actual organizing and advocacy is what makes up most of the summer. This is political advocacy and community organizing — you will work long hours every week to make a difference for Washington’s environment and communities.

Mornings, afternoons, and evenings will be spent meeting with residents and voters face-to-face, registering voters, engaging people online, building volunteer teams, organizing press conference and public forums — you name it, you probably will do it.

Speakers – We want you hyper-wired to the state’s progressive elected officials, politicos, agency officials, activists, advocates, organizers, and researchers. That’s why we’ll regularly bring in guest speakers to brief you on what they do and how you can too.

Career Development – We don’t just want you to be an outstanding advocate, we also want to jumpstart your career in advocacy. AdvocacyCorps Leaders graduate with a toolbox (or garage-ful) of skills that translate to many different arenas of organizing beyond Washington State, urban policy, and the environment. After you graduate with your new skills and experience, we’ll assist you in whatever ways we can to get you a job that fits your interests and talents, whether that’s as an organizer for a political candidate, ballot measure, or advocacy organization.

How to Apply: 

  1. First Round. Submit a resume with a 450-word cover letter on why you think the AdvocacyCorps program is a good fit for you this year. Send to [email protected].
  2. Second Round. Strong candidates will be interviewed by a Futurewise program director.
  3. Final Round. In-person or Skype interview.

We will interview applicants and offer participation on a rolling basis or until our the summer program is full.

Final Deadline: May 15, 2012.

We are interviewing applications and offering participation on a rolling basis until our final deadline or until the summer program is full.

Website URL: Learn more at

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