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May 2 / BARD CEP

Sustainable Seafood Project Manager – Maine

Organization: Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Job Title: Sustainable Seafood Project Manager

Location: Maine

Hours and Compensation: n/a, n/a

Application Deadline: 21 May, 2013

Posted On: 1 May, 2013


Organization Overview:

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) has emerged as a catalyst for solutions to complex challenges at the nexus of the Gulf of Maine’s marine ecosystem and our economy. GMRI is widely respected as one of the top marine research institutions in the Northeast. Our fusion of science, education, and community gives us range to effect change from multiple directions. Our objectivity and commitment to collaboration make us the go-to organization for communities grappling with contentious political issues and new business systems. We are making a long-term investment in science literacy as a cornerstone of a 21st century economy by providing programs to ignite the curiosity, ambition, innovation, and problem-solving potential of the next generation.

GMRI’s Sustainable Seafood program seeks to achieve an ecologically and economically sustainable seafood industry around the Gulf of Maine. Working with all parts of the supply chain, inclusive of harvesters, processors, retailers, and restaurants, the program stimulates market pull for responsibly harvested seafood from the Gulf of Maine. This work includes assisting seafood retailers in the development and implementation of sustainable sourcing policies and creating market leverage for responsibly harvested seafood products with the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested branding program.

The Sustainable Seafood Culinary Partners program engages the food service sector in promoting Gulf of Maine seafood and contributing to sustainability initiatives. Working with research staff and other partners throughout the region, the Sustainable Seafood program also develops training opportunities for fishermen around strategies to decrease by catch, habitat impacts, and fuel consumption while increasing profitability through improved quality handling and marketing of product.


The Sustainable Seafood Project Manager will provide Gulf of Maine fisheries content expertise while growing and stewarding the Culinary Partners program. This position works with the Program Manager to establish interest in GMRI’s efforts, develop communications around sustainable seafood for the industry and consumers, organize support programs, and evaluate success of the program.

The Project Manager will interact with a variety of stakeholders, including fishermen, seafood industry leaders, conservation organizations, retailers, and restaurants, with a focus on restaurant interaction. This may include networking at conferences and meetings and direct outreach to groups such as restaurants and sectors.

To inform consultation with industry, the Project Manager will maintain familiarity with federal and state policy actions, as well as the latest in stock assessments and research. The Project Manager should develop an understanding of supply chain issues and should also be familiar with global seafood sustainability issues.

The Project Manager will translate complex information into consumable pieces for the web or print targeted at supply chain participants, restaurants, or consumers. Similarly, the Project Manager will assist in communicating about the efforts of the Sustainable Seafood program, including tweeting, developing web content, preparing annual reports, and documenting case studies.

Working with the Program Manager, this position will develop and implement a strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of the Sustainable Seafood Program’s efforts, both on a project basis and for the program as a whole. This evaluation would incorporate anecdotal evidence and analytical data.

As an integral part of GMRI’s Community team, the Sustainable Seafood Project Manager will participate in staff meetings and support GMRI’s commitment to convening diverse stakeholders, engaging the community in marine issues, and facilitating quality dialogue throughout the Gulf of Maine.


  • Conduct outreach to restaurants to grow and deepen engagement in the Culinary Partners program and to understand members seafood information needs;
  • Work with participants in the Culinary Partners program to document achievements against continuous improvement goals;
  • Develop and execute a monthly newsletter and a continuing education seminar for Culinary Partners;
  • Develop communications tools for Culinary Partners;
  • Maintain familiarity with the latest in federal and state management of the regions fisheries, as well as the science regarding harvest levels;
  • Draft fishery assessment reports to inform the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested branding program;
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of seafood supply chain issues;
  • Establish understanding of global seafood sustainability issues, as well as efforts in other parts of the country and world to address them;
  • Keep up on the latest trends in seafood consumption and perceptions;
  • Participate in relevant conferences and meetings;
  • Develop content for seafood communications pieces targeted to seafood consumers and the industry including programmatic communications pieces for the web and print;
  • Provide updates to the Seafood programs web site, twitter account, and other related media;
  • Engage with writers and other media representatives to raise awareness of seafood sustainability;
  • Develop training and support programs for the industry, particularly for Culinary Partners;
  • Organize meetings of stakeholders;
  • Summarize outcomes of trainings and meetings and follow up on outcomes;
  • Document effects of programmatic activities, including continuous improvement accomplishments;
  • Conduct outreach and surveys to gauge the programs effectiveness in creating awareness and changing behavior;
  • Summarize findings in short briefs and annual reports;
  • Think creatively to develop or enhance cross-cutting opportunities with all functional areas within GMRI: community, research, education, and development; and
  • Participate in team and staff meetings.


Education/Work Experience

  • Undergraduate degree and at least three years work experience involving the seafood or analogous industry; or
  • Post graduate degree in a relevant subject and one year work experience involving liaison /development work with the seafood or analogous industry.

Additional Qualifications

  • An understanding of state, interstate and federal fisheries policy framework, combined with the ability to interpret and communicate the complex policy and science arena to stakeholders simply and accurately;
  • Demonstrated facilitating/convening skills with diverse constituencies;
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a manner that earns the confidence of funding sources, industry, scientists, conservation organizations, and other stakeholders;
  • Strong networking skills;
  • Experience in the development and delivery of training and/or capacity building programs;
  • Experience implementing projects and programs from design phase to implementation to evaluation;
  • Understanding of monitoring and evaluation processes;
  • Strong computer skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook;
  • Knowledge of, and proficiency in, emerging communication tools;
  • Detail-oriented performer;
  • Self-motivated, optimistic, and energetic;
  • Good interpersonal skills, collaborative, interested in other viewpoints;
  • Enjoy working both independently and as a team member;
  • Articulate and concise in verbal and written communication; and
  • Frequent travel within the Gulf of Maine region; and occasional national or international travel is required.

Final candidate may have the literal pedigree summarized above or an eclectic background that provides the project coordination, communication, and content expertise required to excel in this position.

How to Apply:

To ensure full consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume by May 21, 2013. Please Click Here to ApplyNote: you will be navigating away from the GMRI website.

Questions should be referred to [email protected]. Please note that we will not be accepting resumes sent to this email address. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Candidates will be considered until the position is filled.


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