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Feb 11 / BARD CEP

Fellowships with National Wildlife Foundation

Organization: National Wildlife Foundation

Position Title:

 NWF EcoLeader Market Research Fellowship RFP

NWF EcoLeader Content Development RFP

Location: Any U.S. location

Dates and compensation: The Fellowship term will be March – August, 2015 and fellows will receive a $3,000 stipend.

Application Deadline: February 25, 2015

Description: NWF is seeking graduate students in the U.S. to conduct and test market research and business planning and assist with content development for the new NWF EcoLeaders online community. There will be two track options for the Fellowship, Market Research and Content Development.

The Market Research track fellows will conduct researching and testing for NWF EcoLeaders, selecting among priority market segments, including one or more of the following:  student government, journalism, business, education, fraternities and sororities, etc. Based on their findings, the Fellows will develop and test at least two suggested plans for improving our efforts and in the process of their research will recruit a minimum of 25 new EcoLeaders to the site each.

The content development track fellows will focus on developing new and supporting content for the EcoLeaders site building out resource offerings on current “Eco-Topic” pages and recognition pages and developing content for new Eco-Topic pages including Outdoor Recreation, Climate Adaptation and the Career and Leadership Center.

How to Apply: See the NWF fellowships page for full Fellowship RFPs and application instructions.

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