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Mar 3 / BARD CEP

Global Climate and Energy Campaign Strategist, Greenpeace – International

Organization: Greenpeace

Position Title: Global Climate and Energy Campaign Strategist

Location: Any Greenpeace office globally. Individuals with experience across Africa, China, Brazil, Indonesia or Philippines are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: Position open until filled

Description: Greenpeace is looking to hire a team of superstars to help lead us out of this climate mess. We need amazing storytellers and communicators who can inspire a billion acts of courage to change our broken economic system to help save the climate. We need strategists and experts who can find the chinks in the armor for mass movements to exploit. We need people who can convert big ideas into transformative experiences.

The role as Strategist for Climate & Energy campaigns 
You identify new opportunities for intervention, prepare the groundwork for campaigns in new areas, and intensively mentor and collaborate with national offices. You strengthen Climate & Energy campaigners’ and movement-builders’ ability to build a green and peaceful future. You help to marry excellent analysis of global trends with opportunities for transformative change.


  • Shape Greenpeace’s overall Climate & Energy strategy and roll up your sleeves to make it happen.
    • Help national offices develop ambitious, targeted campaigns and work in a team to shape and sharpen the overall basket of global projects.
    • Deploy your special talent – whether that’s communication, movement-building, legal experience, killer campaigning, expertise in the energy sector, economics, transport, agriculture, global impacts of climate change or whatever relevant brain-power you have – and grow that ability across Greenpeace through mentoring and skills-sharing.
    • Foster innovation, incubate special projects and keep looking for opportunities to catalyze transformative change.
    • Cultivate and build alliances to keep a steady flow of new ideas into Greenpeace, and to deploy Greenpeace’s leadership and insights to fuel external movements.
    • Demonstrate excellent project management and foster collaboration between national offices. Support offices through all phases of project lifecycle – project pitching, development, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation. Encourage and promote a risk-taking approach in order to test new ideas and innovate.
    • Help develop fast feedback loops to improve ongoing projects and fearlessly seize moments for action.


Greenpeace is looking for excellent strategists with a mix of skills and expertise, including but not limited to communications, movement-building, energy sector, campaigning, investigations, economy, and legal. You may even have a non-traditional background but brilliant insights in how to achieve big wins on climate or radically change peoples’ consumption habits. If interested, please submit your application to start the conversation about how your skills might help this team achieve our ambitious goals.

Is this you? 
• Do you know how to change the world’s energy and economic systems to make them more sustainable and people-powered?
• Do you thrive on delivering highly ambitious campaigns or projects?
• Can you inspire people from diverse backgrounds to change our broken economic system and move toward more just, inclusive and sustainable societies?
• Are you a people-person and team-builder who can resolve conflicts, negotiate, facilitate and communicate your ideas excellently?
• Do you enjoy mentoring others, being a sounding board for strategies and enabling knowledge-sharing?
• Can you make organizations nimbler and more streamlined?
• Can you model cultural values to create a sense of unity in a common purpose, camaraderie and excellence?

There has never been a more exciting and challenging time to work with Greenpeace, as we catalyse transformative change through people-powered campaigning, joining hands with other movements and stakeholders. In a time of multiple, intersecting threats to our environment and democracies, it’s up to all of us to find creative ways to exploit the cracks and injustices to create durable change.

How to Apply: If you are interested in this rare opportunity to apply all your energy, experience and intellect to a truly worthwhile challenge, please submit your application to start the conversation about how your skills might help this team achieve our ambitious goals.

Compensation will depend on the work location, and the specific grading will be determined after the recruitment process has been completed.

Upload your English CV along with a letter of motivation via the link below.

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