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Mar 14 / BARD CEP

Fulbright Scholar Core Competition

The 2012-13 Fulbright Scholar Core Competition has started a new competition cycle with the annual deadline for all awards being August 1, 2011.  The 2012-13 catalog of awards lists more than 800 awards in over 125 countries: please refer to: .  Below, we offer a region based summary of the current nature of awards now being offered, with any prominent additions or deletions.

Those members of faculty who are planning to take a sabbatical during the academic year 2012/13 may find some of these opportunities very interesting.  If you would like to apply for any of these awards or any other grant, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,

• Ethiopia – Additional grants awarded, emphasis in all discipline opportunities
• Mozambique has decreased awards to 5
• Zimbabwe has increased awards up to 7
• Francophone Africa continues to be undersubscribed. French speakers wanted and needed!
• South Africa and African regional research program focus is on senior scholars, not open to early career/post-docs

• India – numerous awards in the largest program: all Disciplines – research and lecturing; Medical sciences
• Bhutan – new to the program: 1 scholar for 1 semester

CENTRAL ASIA – undiscovered gem within the program: open and interested in all disciplines

• China continues to be interested in economists!
• Indonesia remains a priority country for this administration and will continue to waive lifetime limits for prior Fulbright Scholar recipients
• Mongolia offers a unique award in early childhood education
• Southeast Asia as a region tends to be undersubscribed
• Boutique regional award for the Pacific Rim available through Japan and another award for regional projects involving China/Taiwan/Hong Kong

• Russia continues to be a priority country and has a new award in energy conservation
• Ukraine is interested in sustainable development
• Albania continues to express an interest in information sciences and now TEFL
• Macedonia is focusing on rule of law and judiciary related grants
• Portugal added new awards in forestry, astrophysics and science & tech
• Regional trend: one semester grants versus two

• Lebanon and Tunisia programs are OPEN
• Israel is shifting focus back to Scholar Program with 5 grants for this competition
• Egypt and Israel remain open to post-docs, offering 5 grants each
• West Bank offers a unique grant in humanitarian and/or human rights Law
• Middle East/North African Regional Research award offers opportunities across multiple countries in region

• Canada is the largest program in the region, supporting 44 grants
• Ecuador has grown from 5 to 8 awards with special focus on economics, TEFL, education and science & tech fields
• Colombia is interested in education grants
• El Salvador wants scholars in the hard sciences
• Trinidad and Tobago are funding research only awards
• Regional trend: TEFL and Study of US are priority disciplines

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