Professional Certificate

The Professional Certificate in Environmental Policy or Climate Science and Policy is earned by completing a minimum of 24 credits of coursework at Bard CEP, over either one year (two semesters) or two years (four semesters). The Certificate may be earned jointly with the Bard MBA in Sustainability or on a stand-alone basis for mid-career professionals seeking to pursue further education or a career opportunity.  The Certificate program includes the opportunity to pursue Bard CEP's signature professional internship experience, earning up to six credits in a high-level placement that can be either paid or unpaid. 

Certificate Program

Students earn a Professional Certificate in Environmental Policy or Climate Science and Policy by completing a minimum of 24 credits of graduate coursework in the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, that must include:

•   3 credits of environmental economics or natural resource economics
•   6 credits of environmental policy and/or environmental law
•   3 credits of science (environmental science of natural environments, environmental science of built environments, or climate science)
•   3 credits of communication
•   2-3 credits of statistics or GIS

Students may earn up to 6 credits towards the degree through completion of a professional internship. Bard CEP has a well-developed, mentored internship program for graduate students in the M.S. degree programs, focused on high-level professional policy experience.

As part of the communication sequence, students must complete a major literature review in a sub-field of environmental policy. The certificate program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Upon admission, students will be assigned an academic advisor to develop an individualized curriculum.

Should the Certificate recipient decide to continue toward the master's degree, either immediately or at a later time, second year course work and all other requirements may be completed within five years from the date of matriculation.

Who should choose a Professional Certificate in Environmental Policy?

+ Mid-Career Professionals

+ First-Year Center for Environmental Policy Students