Communication Class at Bard CEP has two central goals.  The first is to help students become confident, thoughtful and inspiring writers and speakers.  The second is to prepare students for internship and capstone research and writing via a year-long lit review process.  We cover both academic and professional written and oral genres (the blog post, memo, lit review, cover letter, slide presentation, interview).  Students learn how to take audience and purpose into account in order to communicate complex science, economic and policy information. 
Students will be able to:
  • retrieve relevant research and use it properly in their own work
  • ­frame writing/presentations for differing purposes and audiences
  • support a reader through a written argument via effective introductory/concluding material, coherent sections and paragraphs, thoughtfully placed transitions, precise word choice, and clear, concise, sentences
  • craft and deliver visually engaging, effectively structured, and memorable slide presentations
  • analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their own and their classmates’ writing/presentations and give and receive constructive feedback