Resources For Employees

Resources For Employees

Faculty/Staff Who Wish to Report Gender-Based Misconduct
Please see Reporting Options for information about reporting gender-based misconduct.

Faculty/Staff Who Have Received a Report of Gender-Based Misconduct
Any responsible employee must notify the Title IX Coordinator of any and all reports that they receive regarding potential gender-based misconduct occurring among members of the Bard community.  Under Bard policy, responsible employees are any Bard administrator, faculty, professional staff member, safety and security officer, or peer counselor.
Upon receiving a report of potential gender-based misconduct, responsible employees must inform a reporting individual of their own reporting responsibilities (i.e., that they can provide privacy, not confidentiality; that they must make a report to the Title IX Coordinator) and the option of seeking assistance from confidential resources and support services. In addition, responsible employees must provide the following information to the reporting individual at the first instance of disclosure of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking:
  • You have the right to make a report to Bard College security, local law enforcement, and/or state police, or choose not to report.
  • You have the right to report the incident to your institution, Bard College.
  • You have the right to be protected by the College from retaliation for reporting an incident.          
  • You have the right to receive assistance and resources from the College.
How do I report a gender-based misconduct disclosure?
Please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 845-758-7542 or to relay the report.  Please provide all information pertaining to the report, including names, descriptions, dates, or locations, to the extent available.
What if I do not have complete information regarding a report of gender-based misconduct?     
Even if you do not have a complete report of gender-based misconduct, you must still contact the Title IX Coordinator at 845-758-7542 or and share the information that you have.

What happens after I relay a report to the Title IX Coordinator?
The Title IX Coordinator will contact the reporting individual to provide information regarding their rights, reporting options, and resources.  The Title IX Coordinator will also ask to meet with the reporting individual to review their options, rights, and the resources available to them.  Speaking with the Title IX Coordinator is voluntary and a reporting individual may have an advisor of their choice present during any meeting with the Title IX Coordinator.  For more information, please see the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy.

If the person making the report wants to speak with a confidential resource, where can I direct them?
There are several on-campus and off-campus options for speaking to someone confidentially.  Please see the Reporting section of our site for a list of these resources.

What if a student or employee discloses an incident before I have let them know about my reporting responsibilities?
You will need to let them know that you are unable to keep the reported information confidential and that you are required to relay the report to the Title IX coordinator.  Please assure them that their privacy will be maintained to the greatest extent possible and that the Title IX Coordinator is available to answer any questions they may have regarding their rights, reporting options, and the resources available to them.

What should I do if I do not know whether I am obligated to report something?
If you have questions about your reporting responsibilities or whether you are obligated to relay a specific report, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 845-758-7542 or, who can provide information and assist in determining your reporting obligation.