Google Migration Information

If you will be undergoing the migration process to Bard Gmail and G Suite soon, please note the information provided below:

General Process:

  1. We schedule a time to create your account in G Suite and simultaneously rename your Zimbra account.  New email will start to flow to Gmail at that time and you can access Gmail on the web via by logging in with your full Bard email address and password.
  2. I’ll start a background process that will slowly copy all Zimbra mail, contacts, and calendars over to Gmail.
  3. We will meet up and help reconfigure your mail clients and mobile devices and spend a while showing you how to use Google Apps on the web if you’re not already familiar.

Important Considerations:

Some other things to keep in mind (including a few minor caveats):

  • It takes a long time for your old mail to migrate over (several hours at least), but Gmail and all mail clients are fully usable during this time.
  • Your Google account is your Bard email address and has been provisioned with the same Bard password which will be kept in sync.
  • Email Signatures and Filters stored in Zimbra will need to be recreated in Gmail.
  • Drafts will transfer to the
    [Imap]/Drafts folder rather than Google’s drafts folder.
  • Zimbra Flags and Tags will not be indicated in Gmail and may be manually recreated.
  • Zimbra folder colors will not be indicated in Gmail and may be manually recreated.
  • All calendars in your Zimbra account will be merged into your single personal Google calendar.  Shared calendars can be reestablished but only with other Google Apps users. Any calendars that you do not want to appear in your Google Calendar should be deleted before migration.
  • Zimbra folders become Gmail labels.
  • Zimbra contacts and ’emailed contacts’ will also be displayed as a label within your email, each contact saved as a vCard.  They can safely be removed without affecting your Google Contacts.
  • Zimbra Contacts and Emailed contacts will be merged into your default Google Contacts.
  • Shared email folders don’t have a G Suite equivalent.  Google Drive should be utilized for shared documents.
  • Address autocomplete works for all Bard addresses as reported by Zimbra.  Bard contacts can also be found in ‘Contacts | Directory’.