Active Learning

Small-group interaction in lectures and seminars encourages students to expand their understanding of economic theory and their influence in the global community. Students participate in every discussion and develop close working relationships with faculty in an environment of active learning. Resident scholars teaching in the graduate programs are extremely accessible, and consider themselves mentors as well as teachers.

Extensive Research 

A crucial component of the Levy M.S. is research. In the second year of the program, students, working under the close supervision of program faculty, apply their coursework to an active research project. This extensive research training is designed to help candidates hone their skills and deepen their substantive knowledge in one of the five concentrations offered by the program. For M.A. candidates, it is expected that they will produce a final paper that is an original written work, encompassing their coursework, desk studies, fieldwork (if applicable) and library research.

Our Graduates

Our programs prepare graduates for successful careers in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors. Under the Levy Institute's vast professional network, students are prepared to take on jobs in organizations such as the International Labour Organization, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, World Bank, and the US Federal Reserve System.