Financial Aid

All applicants to both the M.A. and M.S. programs are eligible for financial aid. Applicants requesting any sort of financial award must submit all documents and relevant supplementary information, such as tax documents and income and bank statements.

All aid is awarded on the basis of need. Applicants who do not submit the required forms will not be considered. 

US Citizens and Permanent Residents

US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for financial aid and scholarships by completing the Free Application of Federal Student Aid FAFSA form available online at ​​​​​​. Please indicate Bard College (code 002671).

Students who need to borrow more than the maximum unsubsidized loan amounts—in order to meet education expenses not covered by other financial aid—may be eligible to receive a Direct Grad PLUS Loan. Interested students must fill out the Grad PLUS Request Form.

Students in default of a federal student loan or owing a refund on a federal grant are not eligible for federal financial aid.

International Students

Financial aid and scholarships are open to international students applying to either the M.A. or M.S. programs. To apply, applicants must submit the following forms:

Submission Instructions

  • Print and scan completed documents to a single PDF and email to
  • Include your full name in the subject line of the e-mail.
  • For questions regarding financial aid and student loans, please email Bard College Office of Financial Aid: 


The Levy Graduate Programs are pleased to announce new academic scholarships for students. The Minsky and Godley Scholarships, now on their second year, are named for Distinguished Scholars Hyman P. Minsky and Wynne Godley and extend the Levy Institute’s investment in students displaying significant academic achievement. Every enrolled applicant to the M.S. or the M.A. program is given consideration for the scholarships, based on their GPA, rigor of curriculum, and class rank (if available).

How to Apply
  1. Complete and submit an application for admission to the Levy Graduate Programs in Economic Theory and Policy.
  2. Submit your unofficial transcript to by APRIL 15.
  3. US residents must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). International students should submit the appropriate financial aid forms.
  4. If you are offered admission to the programs, you will receive financial aid with your admission offer. The recipients of the Minsky and Godley scholarships will be announced by MAY 15.