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Book Reserves

The Reserves section of our library houses our Reserve Book Collection (books pulled from the circulating collection each semester at the request of faculty for use by students in their current courses), Special Collections, music and spoken word CDs and cassettes, videos and DVDs. Audio and video equipment may be borrowed from here for use in the library. Also ConnectNY and ILLiad books should be picked up and returned at the Reserves Desk (ConnectNY items have a 6 week loan period).

To use these collections, a patron must have current borrowing privileges. Items may be checked out for 3-hours at a time, and are for in-library use only. They may be renewed if no other patron is waiting for them. Since the use of Reserve books is usually time sensitive and these books are generally required reading for a whole class, overdue reserve books are fined at a rate significantly higher than books from the circulating collection ($1 per hour).


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  1. Where do I find the Reserve Desk/Office?
    If you need to call the Reserves Office, please call Carl Hoyt at ext. 7359. The student workers at the Reserves Desk (3rd Floor) can be reached at ext. 7140.
  2. What do I find at the Reserve Desk?
    Behind the Reserve Desk you will find all the books that professors have ‘reserved’ for their classes. Also ConnectNY books can be picked up at the Reserves Desk and should be returned to the Reserves Desk (ConnectNY items have a 3 week loan period). The CD music collection (+ headphones), video/DVD collection and Special or rare book collections are also located behind the Reserves Desk.
  3. How long may I check out Reserves materials, CDs, DVDs, etc?
    Materials circulate from the reserve desk for 3 hours and cannot be taken out of the library. Only one item may be checked out at a time.
  4. Can I take Reserve items out of the library?
    Reserve items cannot leave the library, unless authorized –in writing- by a Faculty member.


  1. How do I order books and/or other materials for reserves?
    All book orders and/or requests for audio-visual materials can be made through our Reserves Purchase Request Form. No Text-Books will be purchased for Reserves. Please check to see if the library owns the texts you have ordered through the bookstore. If not, let us know so that we can consider purchasing them for our collection.
  2. What is the procedure for placing library items on reserves?
    You can send the list of library books you want us to place on reserves by email to [email protected].
    • Please include AUTHOR NAME, TITLE, and CALL NUMBER so that we will be sure to use the correct edition. Please check the catalog first to make sure the item belongs to Stevenson (Main), and not BGC or CCS.
    • Please include your name, course number/title with each request you submit.
    • If you want to save time, you can pull books from the shelves yourself and bring them over to the office with your name, course number/title.
  3. What do I do with personal copies that I want to place on reserves?
    Personal Copies can simply be brought in with a note with your name and course title/number. Though we do all we can to ensure the proper treatment of these items, the library cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to them.
  4. How long can students check out my Reserves materials?
    Materials circulate from the reserve desk for 3 hours and cannot be taken out of the library. Only one item may be checked out at a time. Faculty members may check out more than one item at a time and can take reserve materials out of the library.