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Senior Project Support

Special services for Bard seniors are outlined below. We also offer one-on-one individualized research help for seniors writing their projects.

Research Help

We encourage seniors to connect with a reference librarian early on in the year that you can work with throughout your project. We can help you get started on your research, refine your research questions and search terms, and help you find the best resources for your topic.

How to Get Research Help

There are a number of ways you can

  • Contact any reference librarian directly. This may be your house librarian or a librarian you've worked with in the past.
  • Use the Ask a Librarian form to request an appointment with any librarian.
  • Stop by the Information Desk during reference hours.
  • Come to a SPROJ clinic (look for announcements).

Workshops and Clinics

We offer several workshops and clinics throughout the year specifically for seniors. Be on the lookout for announcements.

Writing Support

Writing a Senior Project can be daunting. For help at any stage - from finding a topic to fine-tuning chapters - contact Jane Smith for a one-on-one consultation. To contact her, request a writing appointment, email, or pop by her office, Stevenson 406.

Senior Carrels

Senior Carrels are assigned by a lottery held every year in the beginning of the Fall semester. Seniors receive emails with the details in August, and information is posted on the library's website. To participate in the lottery, a senior should be working on a text-based, research project, and his/her library record should have no overdue books or outstanding fines. Contact Betsy Cawley with questions.

During the lottery, interested seniors will be directed to a website where they will fill out a simple form. These will be submitted to a random drawing. Those seniors whose names have been chosen will be notified by e-mail and they will be given certain times during which they may pick out a carrel.


  • Library books on your carrel must be properly checked out. Make sure the correct "Date Due" is stamped in each book. As always, the date on your library account is the official date by which you need to return that book.
  • Books kept at your carrel should be left sensitized. If you want to take them out of the library, the Circulation Desk can desensitize them when you leave and re-sensitize them when you return the books to your carrel.
  • Non-circulating materials may not be kept at your carrel. These include periodicals, reference books, Reserves books and photography books.
  • The carrel is not yours exclusively. Others may sit there when it is not in use.
  • If you share your carrel with another student, make sure to notify Kate Laing at
  • We do not recommend keeping personal copies of books at your carrel because we have no way to protect them from being stolen.
  • The senior loan period for borrowing books is one academic year (two semesters). Please note that ConnectNY books always have a loan period of 42 days with one renewal. If you still need ConnectNY books when the due date is up, please return them and reorder. Books from our Browsing Collections have a 28 day borrowing period with one renewal.
  • Overdue ConnectNY or ILLiad books may be removed from your carrel without notice.
  • Please return books from your carrels at the end of the Spring semester. Remove all post-it notes, tabs, etc from the books.
  • No heating or cooking appliances may be kept in the library. There is no smoking anywhere in the library.
  • Please help us maintain the library by treating your carrel space with respect. Do not leave food or drinks at your carrel, and take care that your belongings stay on the carrel (not the windowsills or floor), so they do not become a hindrance to the cleaning staff.

Extended Loan Periods

The senior loan period for borrowing books is two semesters. Books borrowed from the circulating stacks (not the Browsing Collections) of our library will be checked out to seniors for the entire academic year. Seniors cannot graduate until books are returned and their library accounts are cleared. Please note: ConnectNY books always have a loan period of 42 days with one renewal. If you still need ConnectNY books when the due date is up, please return them and reorder. Books from our Browsing Collections have a 28 day borrowing period, with one renewal.

Senior Projects on Digital Commons

All senior project submissions are archived on Digital Commons, our institutional repository. You will need to submit your project or an artist's statement (Arts Division projects) to Digital Commons by the date senior projects are due.


Formatting and Submitting Your Project

Bard Senior Project Collection on Digital Commons