Career Credentials

Bard's core objective is to provide our committed and visionary graduate students with broad preparation for a dynamic career in education. Candidates who have clearly identified public school teaching as central to that career should meet early with a Bard MAT advisor to discuss short or long-term credentialing pathways.

Since 2012, Bard has been authorized by the California Council for Teacher Credentialing to issue multiple subject credential in music (through courses best described by the Longy School of Music of Bard College) and single subject credentials in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science for students completing the approved program and other credentialing requirements. Bard is not offering a credential pathway in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, or Science in 2019. However, interested candidates can learn more about the music credential here.

Information on the M.A.T. in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science

Nearly 100 graduates have earned teacher credentials through Bard MAT, previously in the Central Valley and most recently in Los Angeles. We are proud of this important work. The Handbook below provides details about this program including the program calendar for 2017-2019.