Community Education Electives


Community Education Electives (CEE) are 1-credit courses, organized around weekend writing workshops, requiring participants to reflect on academic content relevant to their ongoing work in classrooms or other placement sites. Each CEE is designed as a focused, in-depth exploration of: 1) a topic specific to the discipline in a candidate's credentialing area; 2) a theme or approach to academic content likely to promote interdisciplinary collaboration within schools; or 3) an intellectual, cultural, or political debate that divides educational policy-makers and/or practitioners.  

Bringing Los Angeles Educators Together

The CEE seeks to promote academic community, encourage the development of reading and writing practices in secondary classrooms, support independent research projects, and introduce candidates to a broader community of educational innovators and civic leaders throughout Los Angeles.  

The Bard faculty crafts CEE options to strengthen candidate research projects and align with ongoing interdisciplinary seminars. These courses are also designed to attract veteran educators into a learning community with Bard faculty, students, and alumni. To this end, some CEE's are organized in coordination with partnering community organizations or schools and may be simultaneously registered as qualifying "salary point" courses for LAUSD employees.