About Koreatown

Bard's Koreatown / MacArthur Park classrooms are within walking distance of several public schools and community organizations. We collaborate with families, students, civic leaders, activists, artists, and other educators promoting neighborhood solidarity, democratic engagement, stronger public schools, and social, economic, and environmental justice. This shared work is grounded in a community committed to participatory citizenship, education as a basic human right, and safe, welcoming schools for all children regardless of documentation status.

Bard is affiliated with several prominent partners in the community, including Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) which develops opportunities for talented, low-income students in after-school programming and hosts both the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles and the Longy School of Music of Bard College. Bard classes are held adjacent to the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, one of the city's largest high school complexes.

As a partner in the Los Angeles Promise Zone, Bard is involved in several initiatives supporting immigrant families, promoting restorative justice in secondary classrooms, mentoring first generation college-bound high school students, strengthening the district's new ethnic studies requirements, and expanding educational opportunities for homeless and adjudicated youth.