Mentored Capstone Projects

Students work individually or in small teams to complete a year-long Capstone Project that can take the form of a business start-up, an intrapreneurial project in their workplace, a consultancy or internship, a research project, or a business plan. Working closely with their advisors, students develop deep expertise in their chosen sub-field of business. In addition, and in conjunction with Bard's MBA career development process, the Capstone provides an ideal avenue for students seeking to pursue a career transition, or to build their own business. 
Featured Capstones

Featured Capstones

Women Changing the World: Bard MBAs Impact Energy, Affordable Housing, and Poverty

Chelsea Mozen is building solar energy at scale. Bernell Grier’s work is helping hundreds of low and moderate-income people buy houses. And Jessica King is committed to cutting the poverty rate in a depressed Pennsylvania town in half within the next decade. These initiatives all emerged over last year’s capstone class in Bard’s new MBA in Sustainability.

Other MBA Capstones:

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Intrapreneuring at Etsy
Engaging Anchor Institutions in Development