Low Residency

The Bard MBA program is structured around monthly Weekend Residencies with regular online instruction in between. This low-residency design allows full-time Bard MBA students to continue working up to 30 hours a week. The part-time program, completed over three years, accommodates students working 30 hours a week or more. Residencies are held once a month over four-day (Fri-Mon) weekends for full-time students and three-day weekends for part-time students. Five Residencies are held each term, for a total of ten throughout the school year. Students simultaneously attend online courses two nights per week.
Our MBA Choice blog series will highlight the many advantages of Bard’s unique low-residency approach to getting an MBA. Prepare to hear in installments about how our approach improves your learning, strengthens your network, uses advanced technology and allows you to continue your professional life while in school. Click here for the first blog.
Martin Freeman (MBA ’18)
"The Bard MBA fits my lifestyle. I live in Atlanta while working full-time for a major trauma center and safety net hospital system. The once-a-month, low-residency program allows me to have the best of both worlds—an elite education and a life."

Hybrid Learning Benefits

The combination of online learning and weekend retreats allows students to live anywhere in the US, continue working or managing family commitments, pursue various professional development opportunities (internships, consultancies, case competitions, etc.), and learn from practitioner faculty. Read more about the benefits of hybrid learning here.  See below for sample class schedules.

+ Full-Time Weekend Residency Schedule

+ Part-Time Weekend Residency Schedule

+ Sample Monthly Schedule