In Bard’s experiential NYCLab course, MBA students complete a yearlong professional consultancy in the first year of their business program. Over two semesters, MBA students work with corporate, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to solve sustainability-related business problems. Student teams are assigned clients based on the team members’ interests and skill-sets and are mentored by Laura Gitman, Chief Operating Officer at BSR, a leading global organization that develops sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research and cross-sector collaboration. Learn more about the key role experience plays in preparing for a career in sustainability.

2020-2021 Proposals due July 15, 2020
** Please see our call for proposals from Black owned businesses and social justice organizations **
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How does NYCLab work?

Working in teams, students engage in consultancies for businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. The course runs two full semesters, from August through May. Teams develop and negotiate project agreements with clients that define the scope of work, project deliverables, deadlines, and expectations for communication and information sharing.

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Queens Community House

Queens Community House

Queens Community House is a multi-site, multi-service settlement house that serves the diverse neighborhoods of Queens, New York. It serves residents of all ages, races, faiths, and ethnicities while supporting the viability of the borough as a whole. Each year, its programs help thousands of its neighbors to thrive in school, make healthy life choices, succeed in educating themselves, become engaged citizens, stabilize their housing situations, and make the most of their senior years.

Queens Community House worked with Bard MBA NYCLab to identify green building and community development opportunities and strategies for low-income housing organizations.

"Queens Community House, Inc. provides individuals and families with the tools to enrich their lives and build healthy, inclusive communities. We envision the borough as an empowered community that values diversity, respect, and mutual responsibility where all people are actively engaged, feel supported, have a voice, and experience equal access to opportunities. In part, our programs are designed to assist individuals in achieving not only better success in the classroom but also in the workforce. We promote scholarly research as well as informed and creative teaching. In pursuit of these goals, QCH values intellectual freedom that supports open inquiry, equality, compassion, and excellence in all endeavors. Taken together, pairing with the Bard MBA program, one that mirrors these core goals has been a highly rewarding experience.
QCH asked the Bard Scholars to address an evolving project as this Agency has the opportunity to purchase and renovate its historic home, a building that has been owned and operated by the City of New York for the last 44 years and is in no way energy efficient or sustainable. Given our propensity for social services, the Scholars were able to focus on areas outside of our normal business purview and be a leader in the quest for new knowledge through scholarship, outreach, and creative experimentation of ideas and concepts." 
-Kurt Fakira, Chief Operating Officer

Project Summary:

Project Summary: