Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the program, there are no specific requirements concerning the applicant's prior field of study. Professional experience in the form of jobs, internships, and volunteer commitments is recommended, but not required. Bard is looking for motivated people who want to lead the private sector into a new paradigm, one where profits, sustainability, and social justice go hand in hand. While the program does not require a specific prior field of study or professional background, two prerequisite courses are required.

Required Course Work

Applicants must complete the required college-level course work:
  • Introductory Economics (microeconomics or combined macro-micro sequence)
  • Introductory Accounting
Students missing any of the required courses may apply for admission, and if accepted, will be required to complete the necessary course work prior to matriculation in August. Please contact your admissions counselor for recommended courses.

Additionally, all incoming Bard MBA students are required to complete the online course, MBA Math. This course is assigned after admission to the program, and additional information on completing the course is provided at that time.

Prerequisite Completion Options