Advanced Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business

The Bard MBA program offers an Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Business for mid- and senior-level professionals to pursue successful, high-impact careers in sustainable business. This program is intended for:
  • Self-taught sustainability practitioners who need to formalize their knowledge 
  • Those with master's level backgrounds in related fields, including MBA’s, who want to move into purpose-driven work

Professional Development

The goal of the Certificate is to empower graduates to follow their passions and pursue successful, high-impact careers in sustainable business. To accomplish this, Certificate students have access to all of the career development opportunities that are available to regular MBA students. These include participation in our ten-module MBA Career Development Workshop, career advising from faculty and staff, resume building opportunities such as case competitions, regular exposure to a wide array of sustainability practitioners as guest lecturers in classes, and participation in the MBA Mentorship program.

Tuition and Fees