Employees and Organizations

This course covers human resource management and its integral relation to corporate social responsibility. Traditional HR topics—attracting and retaining talent; performance management; work-family conflict; diversity; incentive systems — are explored, and mapped onto CSR initiatives. The course shows how sustainability can guide best practice HR.

After completing the course, students will be better able to:
  • Integrate sustainability objectives with HR initiatives
  • Understand best practices for human resource management
  • Manage effectively across a diverse set of goals

Current Course Descriptions

  • Principles of Sustainable Management (POSM)
  • Economics for Decision-making
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Accounting and the Integrated Bottom Line
  • NYCLab
  • Globalization and Emerging Markets
  • Operations and Supply Chains
  • Finance for Sustainability
  • Customers and Marketing
  • Data, Analytics, and Decisions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leading Change in Organizations
  • Strategy for Sustainability
  • Employees and Organizations
  • Circular Value Chain Management
  • Sustaining a Mission-Driven Organization
  • ImpactLab: Defining the Future of Finance
  • Business and Sustainable Development
  • Capstone