Economics for Decision-making

This course introduces students to the operation of market systems, including market failure and policy responses. Within this framework, the course focuses on how firms in different market structures understand their competitive and policy environment, make decisions, and act strategically to achieve conventional goals of growth and profit maximization. The course also explores the interface of the economy with the ecosystem services and natural capital that provide its foundation, and evaluates techniques for integrating ecological, social and economic decision-making.

After completing this course, the students will be better able to:
  • Understand market failures that lead to unsustainable outcomes
  • Evaluate demand conditions and cost structures, to make pricing decisions
  • Critically analyze business stories in the media
  • Make predictions related to current events and economic policies
  • Understand business decisions to value natural capital and ecosystem services

Current Course Descriptions

  • Principles of Sustainable Management (POSM)
  • Economics for Decision-making
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Accounting and the Integrated Bottom Line
  • NYCLab
  • Globalization and Emerging Markets
  • Operations and Supply Chains
  • Finance for Sustainability
  • Customers and Marketing
  • Data, Analytics, and Decisions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leading Change in Organizations
  • Strategy for Sustainability
  • Employees and Organizations
  • Circular Value Chain Management
  • Sustaining a Mission-Driven Organization
  • ImpactLab: Defining the Future of Finance
  • Business and Sustainable Development
  • Capstone