Part-Time Program

​The part-time enrollment option enables Bard MBA students to complete their 60-credit M.B.A. degree while meeting outside work, family, and/or travel requirements. This three-year option is best suited for students who are employed full time, who have family or other personal commitments, or who may be traveling from outside the New York area to complete their MBA degree. The part-time option takes three years to complete and includes one summer course.

Time Expectations

  • 3-year program with fall, spring, and summer semester enrollment
  • 9 credits per fall/spring term, 3 credits per summer term (2 summers)
  • 1 3-day Weekend Residency per month*
  • 3 hours of nightly online classes per week (Tuesday and/or Thursday nights)
  • 15 hours per week of online coursework and homework
  • Recommended for students employed more than 30 hours per week, with outside home/family commitments, and/or those travelling from out of state
*Weekend Residencies are kept to 3 days for part-time students whenever possible; however part-time students are required to attend all 4 days of their first Residency, at Bard College in August for Orientation.

2019–2020 Tuition and Fees

  • First Year Tuition: $25,641 (21 credits at $1,221 per credit, includes summer course)
    Fees: $950 (not including optional health insurance, $2,993/year)
  • Second Year Tuition:  $26,641
    Fees: $950 (not including optional health insurance, $2,993/year)
  • Third Year Tuition: $21,978
    Fees: $1,070 (not including optional health insurance $2,993/year)

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