Bard College Office of Public Relations Policies

Bard College Photography and Videography Policy

Bard College does not collect photo or video release forms from members of its faculty, staff, or student body. Rather, the College assumes that members of our community will welcome involvement in the documentation of activities at Bard as the best means of marketing the College.

All photographs and video taken for Bard College are College property and may be used in promotional material produced, used, or contracted by Bard College, including but not limited to: electronic and print publications, websites, social media, classroom use, and college advertisements. The College reserves the right to take photographs and video of campus facilities and scenes, events, faculty, staff, and students for College use in any areas on campus where subjects do not have an expectation of privacy, and provided the photographs do not violate the privacy of the subject.

Any person who prefers not to appear in College photos or video must contact the Office of Communications, detailing their preference in writing and including an easily identifiable, recent headshot. This photo will be used for identification purposes only and will be held in confidence by the Office of Communications. Bard College also requests that persons preferring not to appear in College photos or video absent themselves or otherwise make their wishes known when College-sponsored photographers or videographers are documenting activities and events. Any individual or entity wishing to engage in photography or videography for production, broadcast, or public dissemination by any means on Bard College property must obtain permission in advance from an appropriate College official.

Please contact the Office of Communications at with questions or requests.