International Student Visa Checklist

This information is directly relevant to all accepted international students who are in possession of a non-U.S. passport. However, those of you who are U.S. legal permanent residents/green card holders do not need a U.S. student visa prior to your arrival at the college. For those of you who are accepted students under the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA), you are not eligible to apply for a U.S. F-1 student visa. In addition, if you are currently in the U.S. under the “dependent” category of your parent/spouse/life partner’s visa, you may or may not need to apply for a student visa.

2018 Visa Checklist

1. Required Admission Documents
Visas for those who provide all of the required admission documents by May 15, 2018 will be processed and mailed by June 30, 2018. The rest will be processed after June 30. Late May through June is the general visa document processing timeline for incoming first-year international students. You will receive an email soon after your visa document is processed and mailed.
  • Letter of Admission (on original Bard letterhead, with signature; this is important for scheduling a visa appointment).
  • Completed “International Student Certification of Finances” form. 
  • Financial aid award letter, if applicable (copy, if original is mailed out; if original received, will include in mail-out packet with visa document). 
  • Copy/copies of financial documents (bank statements, savings certificates, etc.) in support of the amounts indicated on the “International Student Certificate of Finances Guidelines” form. These supporting financial documents should be dated May 1 or later to be eligible to process the student’s visa document. The total estimated cost for first-year freshman students at the college is $76,507. This is the minimum amount to be supported with the student’s financial documents to begin processing the visa document for the academic year 2018–2019. 
  • Copy of passport ID page (ONLY send the copy of the passport page that the student plans to use towards visa document processing). 
  • Copy of current U.S. visa page, if applicable (students currently studying in the U.S. or visiting the U.S.).
  • Copy of current U.S. visa document (student currently studying in the U.S.).
  •  If the student is currently attending a U.S. high school, community college, college or university, this student needs to complete and fax the “F-1 student SEVIS record transfer to Bard College” form before visa document processing can begin at Bard. 
2. Apply for a Student Visa
  • Apply for a student visa (F-1/J-1 student) at the U.S. consulate in your country of citizenship or country of legal residence and receive a valid U.S. student visa stamp on your passport.
3. Pack ALL Travel Documents After you receive a U.S. student visa stamp on your passport, please make sure you pack all important travel documents and supporting documents in your hand luggage/personal carry-on:
  • Valid passport with a student visa stamp and visa document (form I-20/DS 2019)
  • All other documents mentioned on the letter included in your visa document mailing packet you received—it is best to bring all documents you prepared for the visa interview with you.

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