About TŌN

About The Orchestra Now

The Orchestra Now is a unique pre-professional orchestra and master’s degree program designed to prepare musicians for the challenges facing the modern symphony orchestra.

Musicians receive three years of advanced orchestral training and take graduate-level courses in orchestral and curatorial studies, leading to a Master of Music degree. Beginning in 2019, The Orchestra Now will also offer a two-year certificate program. Developed by the conductor Leon Botstein in partnership with professional musicians, teachers, and professional orchestra administrators, The Orchestra Now offers students the kind of experience they might expect as career orchestral musicians—public performance, touring, recording—and something more. In The Orchestra Now, you will be part of an ensemble of forward-thinking, exceptional musicians who intend to redefine what it means to be an orchestra. You will learn from renowned faculty how to curate repertoire that absorbs the audience and sparks new ideas. Under the guidance of experienced artist teachers, you and your peers will design and present music programs that respond to diverse audiences.